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  1. Incursion - 17,853 views
  2. Keeper of the Grove - 11,364 views
  3. Cactus McCoy Jocuri Bataie – Games Online 2012 - 8,721 views



Game Name: Incursion

Game Description:

Darkness is so as to enslave this lands and you have got to prevent it. 27 one of a kind players is going to be obtainable inside your military. You are going to need to move these to where they’re most useful correct now.

Dark enemy forces are flowing to your gates to capture your city. Click the barracks and train footman, archers or sorcerers to safeguard the town. Very carefully position your soldiers and program your strategy sensibly. Use you mouse to encounter. Click any unit right after which click the map where you’d like them to check out.

Within the tactic game Incursion you have got to conserve the dominion in the enemy invasions. Spot troops along the direction to shield against enemy models. Use mages, swordsmen and marksmen that you could upgrade employing the cash you get.

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