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Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of the Grove

Game Name: Keeper of the Grove

Game Description:

In this entertaining method game you’ll be the Keeper of the grove as well as your job would be to be certain that the enemy creeps will not get away with stealing the valuable gems that you are guarding. Develop defensive turrets about the path so they’ll automatically defend the map so absolutely nothing will get stolen.

Bad creatures are on the way to steal your crystals. Develop attack towers to defend them within this fun tower-defense game.

It’s been a whilst because I’ve played a tower defense flash game generally so I was glad that Keeper in the Grove, the newest sponsored game by Armor Games, came out last week as it gave the part of my brain which loves tower defense games its repair.

Also you should try and upgrade them so as to turn out to be extra effective in combat. You could call a wave earlier so as to get a bonus for that. Gather each of the coins together with your mouse and build additional defensive turrets.

Grow nature defender towers and avoid the greedy creatures to rob the magic grove from crystals.

With that being said, Keeper of the Grove is an excellent tower defense game while a bit…typical. Certainly typical is not normally bad if the all round execution graphically and feature wise is very good which fortunately Keeper of your Grove has.

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Keeper of the Grove